Huish Episcopi Parish Council News

In addition to the general day-to-day activities of the Parish Council, various projects (details on this website) have been tabled and successfully completed recently, these include:

• A defibrillator available to all on a 24/7 basis, this is situated outside the entrance to Huish Leisure.

• Road safety (Wig-Wag) speed awareness lights installed either side of the Academy in Field Road.

• A “dropped kerb” at the St. Mary’s Church corner to assist the disabled and mothers with prams.

• Five village road signs

• Twelve further plots added to the allotments bringing the total to thirty-six.

• A bus shelter installed opposite Huish Episcopi Primary School, a joint project with Langport Town

• In addition to providing funding towards the Christmas lights in Langport, funds were also made available for the display to be extended to include the Westover Trading Estate, which lies within the Parish of Huish Episcopi.

Huish Episcopi continues to support Langport town, forty percent of the precept going towards maintaining both communities’ amenities, for details click here.

At the March 2019 meeting the Parish Council resolved to grant £4,600 towards the Langport Town clock.

In early 2019, Huish Episcopi Parish Council, initiated Community Speedwatch in our village. During this period to November 2019 the team have completed at least one session per week and an average of two.

The team desperately need more volunteers as only 5 of the 8 are regular participants due to other commitments. At the next Community Speedwatch meeting, efforts will be made to encourage further recruitment to the team. Anyone interested in joining can contact Councillor Keith Peto, his details can be found on the Huish Episcopi Community Website.

Starting in 2020 Huish Episcopi Parish Council are intending to install Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) in various positions throughout the village in an endeavour to reduce speeding.
Huish Episcopi Parish Council now needs a number of reliable volunteers to make this project really worthwhile. Are you willing to participate with a little of your time and skills? The workload will not be huge, just two site locations per month.

In order to make the final justification for purchasing this equipment, there is a need to demonstrate it will have a dedicated team to ensure it will be in consistent use. If you think that there is a need to control/monitor speed in your part of the village, why not volunteer to help make it happen? Anyone interested in participating can contact Councillor John Wood, his details can be found on the Huish Episcopi Community Website.

Huish Episcopi Parish Council are also in the process of installing a replacement Bus Shelter outside Travis Perkins, after the original shelter was demolished in July 2019 by a lorry delivering goods to Travis Perkins.

As residents will be aware it has been an aspiration of Huish Episcopi Parish Council to provide a Community Hall for our village, but after several promises of a donation of land to facilitate our ambition we have been disappointed. We have therefore formed a new Working Group to try to move this initiative forward.

The Parish Council meets bi-monthly with occasional meetings in-between; parishioners are very welcome to attend.

Shirley Nicholas

Chairman Huish Episcopi Parish Council