Arwyn Mark Harris


Having grown up in Curry Rivel I have lived in and around Huish Episcopi for all of my adult life, bar a couple of years living and working in London in my 20s. My father, Terry, taught at what is now the Academy for many years and I am sure is known to many of you. I am married to Judith, whose father and his brothers originally owned what is now the ABP abattoir. My two daughters attended the Primary School (of which I was a governor), then moving on to the Academy where they both did well at what is a highly rated and successful school. I have been chairman of the local Round Table when there was a branch centred in Langport, and I now run my own vehicle leasing business in Yeovil.

Among a host of issues I am interested in what brings new residents to the developments in the Parish and how the infrastructure of Huish and Langport will be affected.
Specific responsibility - Abattoir Liaison