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Please note:
Craig has recently resigned; efforts are being made to recruit a replacement.

Craig Howe, the Turn Hill Scheme Lengthsman, undertakes a range of jobs in Huish Episcopi Parish including: weeding, litter collection, gully clearing, overhanging vegetation, minor repairs and general sweeping, cleaning and clearing. Parishioners may have noticed that, among others, the areas around the roundabout and along Station Path have markedly improved since he has been responsible for them.

Huish Episcopi Parish Council joined the Turn Hill Lengthsman Scheme with effect from 1st April 2013, administered by Long Sutton Parish Council, along with a number of other local parishes.

This Scheme allows those Parish Councils to prioritise areas of concern and provide an enhanced and more responsive level of service than the District and County Councils can currently offer, which should result in improvement to the environment within the local communities. These duties remain the responsibility of the main Councils and have not been permanently transferred to the Parish Councils.

To make the Council aware of any environmental job requiring attention in the parish, please contact: Councillor Graham Lock on 01458 250453