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Donation to the Annie Tite Fund / information regarding the Fund

This year’s (2017) donation from the Huish Episcopi Community Website account has been prompted by the realisation that the funds available to the Annie Tite Fund have suffered in recent years due to the very low levels of interest rates upon which it depends.bestV2600

The aim of the Trust is to provide funds for young people undertaking higher education and also young women marrying. To qualify, the applicants must write to the Trustees outlining why they are applying for the grant and confirming that they have been born in the Parish of Huish Episcopi or the Town of Langport. They are also required to provide updates to the Trustees on their progress.
The Trustees meet annually in the late autumn to assess applications and distribute the grants.
Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should contact the Annie Tite Fund Trustee/secretary Mrs Michèle Crumb, Email -  or via facebook page.

This donation would not be possible but for the businesses that choose to advertise their services on the Huish Episcopi Community Website, they do this to promote their services but also in the knowledge that their contributions will in large part support worthy causes in our area.


From left to right, Julia Gadd – Chairman Annie Tite Fund, Shirley Nicholas – Chairman Huish Episcopi Parish Council, John Taylor – Webmaster Huish Episcopi Community Website, Michèle Crumb – Trustee/secretary of the Annie Tite Fund.

Photograph Rob Crumb – Huish Episcopi Parish Councillor