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Mon Feb 24 @09:30 - 10:30
Age UK Somerset - Yoga, stretch and flex
Mon Feb 24 @11:30 -
Join us for a Langport Health Walk
Tue Feb 25 @14:30 -
The Forget-me-not Memory Café at Sewers Village Hall, Curry Rivel
Tue Feb 25 @19:30 - 21:00
The Mid Wessex Singers – an invitation
Thu Feb 27 @19:00 - 21:30
Fri Feb 28 @17:00 - 19:00
Elderflowers Food Co-op at Eli's
Sat Feb 29 @10:00 - 14:00
Climate Change Adaptation Drop-in: Langport

Trial Ground - Planning Meeting 27.06.2018 – Speech by Shirley Nicholas

Good Afternoon Committee
Re Application No: 18/00761/FUL – Trial Ground

As Chairman of Huish Episcopi Parish Council, I am also here to air the views and concerns of our Council and parishioners.

The committee will be aware that Huish Episcopi Parish Council consistently refused permission for this application from October 2013 until May 2015.

Our Council was concerned regarding the infrastructure and the impact of the development on our Doctors’ Surgery, Dentists, Schools and the out-of-date sewerage system and of course the increase in traffic to be expected.

In spite of our concerns, outline planning permission was granted in October 2015. You can rest assured that our Council will be doing our utmost to try and achieve the best possible outcome and advantages for our village.

As you will have all seen our letter to Mt Millar dated 22nd.May, we are expecting serious concessions which would be advantageous for all our residents should we manage to achieve them. In my opinion, our parishioners warrants these concessions, they will have to live with the downsides of such a large development going ahead.

I think our village deserves consideration for accepting yet another massive development.

Minimum Concessions.

1. Light controlled pedestrian crossings should be provided both on the Somerton Road and also Field Road. This would offer traffic calming in the areas where the addition of more than 450 dwellings over the last 12 years has highlighted safety concerns. Apart from the obvious, this hopefully, may also provide some traffic calming in the area where excessive motoring speeds are a real problem, particularly along Field Road where there is, as you know, a large Academy.

2. Provisions of a pavement and a bus lay-by on the Somerton Road between the roundabout and the boundary of the property named ‘Thornhill’.

3. Referring back to the current waste water system, this was never designed for the present sewage and waste water levels. Wessex Water must make a written commitment that Huish Episcopi, Langport and the surrounding area’s system will be checked and certified that it is capable of dealing with all the new properties waste and surface water and must take full responsibility should there be a subsequent failure.

In conclusion, it has always been our Council’s aspiration to have a dedicated village community hall and as there will be a developer’s contribution of £373,455 for Health and Leisure, we would like to think that our village deserves a major slice of this sum of money. Then we may aspire to go forward with the vision to provide a much needed and long overdue Village Hall.