The Huish Episcopi Community Speed Watch Team

Huish Episcopi Community Speed Watch Weekly (w/c 31st August 2020) Report. Also HEPC’s Speed Indicator Device (SID) Now Operational.

We completed two watches this last week. 

We did our first watch in Bow Street this morning, 520 vehicles, 26 speeders, 5%. There were many speeding together or both ways at the same time meaning we didn't get all the registrations. True figure was probably 10%. We will hopefully be watching with 4 of the team week commencing 21st. Must admit I didn't think there would be so many...Residents of Langport, you were right!!
Secondly Huish Episcopi Parish Council has purchased a Speed indicator Device,
SID's have a proven record of slowing traffic and they record vehicle numbers, time of day and speeds.
We are looking forward to comparing speeds when we are roadside and when we are not.
If, as we suspect, many more are speeding when we are not roadside, it will produce evidence to present to Avon and Somerset Police showing where the speeding "hotspots" are.
They can then target those area's with their speed vans and mobile radar traps.
Parish Councillor Keith Peto

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HEPC’s Speed Indicator Device (SID) now operational.
Following Somerset County Council’s (SCC) decision to remove its SID service three years ago, because of the continued vehicles speeding within our parish, HEPC discussed the need to purchase and run its own service.
At the Council meeting held on the 15th July 2019 it was agreed, subject to proving that suitable voluntary management services could be made available, that HEPC would purchase a SID for use within its parish. This led to selecting eight sites and getting them SCC Traffic Department approved, selecting and purchasing a suitable SID, gaining agreement with SCC for operating the device and getting volunteers trained to be able to safely move this device from site to site.
The good news is that on Sunday 6th September 2020 the HEPC SID was installed at its first location in Wearne where it will be in operation for a number of days before being moved to other approved sites.
Parish Councillor John Wood

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A further example of the efforts being made to calm traffic speeds in our area.
Whilst here I would like to record my sincere appreciation of the substantial
amount of effort, all voluntary of course, that has and is being made by John, Keith and their teams, all aimed at making the roads in our parish safer for us all.
Chairman of Huish Episcopi Parish Council, Shirley Nicholas 



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