Huish Episcopi Allotments

Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2017 17:20
Written by Mrs Jane Redfearn

Pibsbury Allotments
Nicely organisedPibsbury Allotments were set up by Huish Episcopi Parish Council after the war in the 1950s. By the 1980s much of the field was given over to arable farming, however the recent resurgence in popularity for growing organic vegetables, coupled with much smaller gardens provided to modern homes, had led to an increased demand for allotments. The 12 "new" allotments were ready for use in April 2006, replacing the last remaining four allotments in the top of the field at Pibsbury Corner. In the Spring of 2011, 12 more allotments were added and it is planned to add a further 12 by February 2016.

The present 'Allotmenteers' are a mixed bunch of Huish Episcopi and Langport parishioners, ranging from "young at heart" retirees to families with four children and those with adjacent half plots. They are a sociable lot, sharing knowledge and experience as well as successes and failures in the hope of a better crop next year. Take the time to visit, even in winter, and you can see the miracles they have performed.

The annual tenancy rent from 2016 is only £30, so get your name on the waiting list by contacting the Clerk at: 

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