Annie Tite Foundation

Going to University or Getting Married? Modest Grants Available

Last Updated: Sunday, 29 August 2021 09:27
Written by Jane Redfearn

The Annie Tite Trustees may be able to help you with a modest grant. The Annie Tite Fund was set up in 1933 by Charles Tite in memory of his wife, Annie, who died at the early age of 24.

The terms of the will provided monies for helping young people, who were born in the parishes of Langport or Huish Episcopi, for higher education purposes or for “marriage portions”
to help with setting up home.

If you think you might be eligible for consideration by the Trustees, please send a written letter of application with a copy of your birth certificate to:

The Honorary Secretary

7 Bishops Drive, Huish Episcopi, Langport TA10 9HW

or email: