Hard Surface for Emergency Vehicles at Memorial Field

hard surface memorial field




It has long been recognised that a permanent hard surface to facilitate access for emergency vehicles responding to possible accidents on the football pitch or elsewhere on the Memorial Field, would be highly desirable. As ever the cost of providing such proved to be the issue.
An unexpected opportunity presented itself in the ending of the extensive Network Rail project; much hardcore used for a temporary access road was to be removed.
Parish Councillor Barry Horsgood, always on the lookout to the benefit of our village, managed to secure, by way of a goodwill gesture, some fifty tonnes delivered to the site free of charge.
Barry then negotiated with local builder, Tommy Atkins, for the distribution and compacting of the hardcore in the sum of £500 with himself pitching in with the work.
Huish Episcopi Parish Council agreed to fund the project in full.
The accompanying photograph was taken prior to tidying-up the edges