Upcoming Parish Council Elections to Determine who, for the
Next Four Years,
Will serve on the Huish Episcopi Parish Council
(Nine places are statutory)

candidate lish


 It has probably never been more important, certainly in recent times, to take care when making your choice for a future Councillor for the Village of Huish Episcopi.

For those new to our village and there are quite a few, please find time to talk to others who have lived here for several years, as they will have witnessed relative performances as well as the outcomes.

Apart from carefully considering the day-to-day activities, Councillors should be capable of making wise decisions regarding how ratepayers’ money is spent. They should consider whether the spend is justifiable and does it represent good value for money? Have all on-costs been considered and more besides? In other words are they prudent regarding all decisions that will impact on our way of life here in the Village of Huish Episcopi.

As a footnote:
Langport Town Council has only attracted seven Councillors for the eleven places required by statute; also of their four Councillors listed above, currently serving, two want to serve on both councils.

Polling Day Thursday 5th May 2022, Voting hours 07:00 to 22:0

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