Reading Books for Huish Episcopi Primary School

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For the twelfth time Huish Episcopi Community Website has been able to make a grant to a local community cause. This year Webmaster John Taylor was delighted to present a £400 cheque to Huish Episcopi Primary School Head Tiffany Doughty Davis towards funding new reading books for the School Library. This grant was made possible solely through the Website’s advertisers as, apart from obligatory website costs, the Webmaster and Administrator have never charged for their time.

20 September 2023








Langport And Huish Senior Citizen's Club

langport and huish senior citizens cheque

Made possible by the advertisers who support this website, we are able to make a further donation this year 2022.
For the first time, we have decided to support the Langport and Huish Senior Citizens Club by way of funding all of their speaker and performance events programmed for 2023.
The photograph shows Jane, who on a voluntary basis takes care of the finances, passing our cheque to Greg Cooper, Secretary of the L & H S C.





Defibrillator to be installed at the Memorial Field Pavilion

450 john roger barry cheque handover 28.07.21 defibrillatorPhotograph, left to right, – John Taylor, (Huish Episcopi Community Website) Roger Pearce, (Secretary/Treasurer of the Memorial Field Management Board and Barry Horsgood, Vice Chairman of the Memorial Field Management Board).

The cheque being passed is from the website account, it will go partway in funding the new defibrillator now on order. 

John, who came up with the proposal for a defibrillator, was prompted, when assisting Roger, by way of a CAD drawing, in his efforts to secure funding for much needed improved facilities at the pavilion, including that for the not-so-able users. The Euros had just started, when the news broke regarding the collapse on the pitch of Christian Erikson, one of the Danish footballers.

John mentioned that “of all places there should be a defibrillator sited at the pavilion, there are the young, involved in many activities, the running club, the senior citizens hold regular meetings there and not only that, there is the nearby housing including for the elderly”. All would have a ready access 24/7 to what could prove to be a life savings device.

John runs the website on a purely voluntary basis. From the outset, it was decided that, apart from the hosting cost, all the revenue generated by the advertisements carried on the website would go to local good causes. This is the latest example.

John added, “it would have been his preference to have funded the defibrillator outright, but due to the suspension of last year’s fees this was not found possible, but at least our contribution went a good way towards the cost and provided impetus to the proposal”.

Shirley Nicholas - Member of the Memorial Field Management Boad

installed defibrillator







Langport and Huish Episcopi Youth Club

200 youth club q

Apologies, this is not our usual cheque presentation photograph. Just as the arrangements were made for one of our typical handings over, the lockdown came into force.
We planned to show Councillor Barry Horsgood, who does so much good work for the Youth Club and the community in general, handing the cheque to Annie, the Youth Club Leader whose excellent work for the Youth Club is legendary.

The idea behind a grant to the Youth Club, that does such wonderful work for our local youngsters, was prompted when this website became aware of their need for additional equipment.

By dint of some clear quick thinking / opportunism the cheque was passed over just in time, but as said, no photograph.

This grant will be the last for the time being, frankly the pot is empty!
From the text on the application form you will see that it was decided not to charge for the current years run of advertisements carried by this website, it just did not seem appropriate given the circumstances being faced by all businesses.


Mind in Somerset 

On Thursday 13th June, a cheque was presented to Bill Langford of The Friendly Society with the purpose of contributing to one of the charities that the organisation supports, in this instance 'Mind in Somerset'. Whilst not a condition it was hoped that the fund would be directed to a local need.
The choice of this very worthy charity was prompted by the worrying fact that mental illness problems in the young is on the rise.

The donation, as always, was funded from the revenue generated by the businesses who chose to advertise their services on this website, this fact is always mentioned to any organisation receiving a contribution. Our thanks to all of them.

youth club cheque

 Langport and Huish Episcopi Youth Club

On Tuesday 4th June 2019 at The Langport and Huish Episcopi Youth Club, a cheque was presented to Annie Shillabeer, the inspirational leader of the Youth Club, by Shirley Nicholas to purchase necessary equipment for the Youth Club
The donation was funded from the revenue generated by the Businesses that choose to advertise their services on the Huish Episcopi Community Website. The revenue itself accumulates, without bearing Webmaster costs, for the purpose of distribution to local good causes.

In considering recipients of grants from Huish Episcopi Community Website for this year 2018, again thought was given to supporting organisations that support others in our area. One to be directed towards an individual or individuals who, for whatever reason, are in need of short term financial support. To ensure an ‘at arms length’ outcome The Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton was approached because of their undoubted reputation and of course extensive knowledge of those in need. The other in support of a project that will eventually prove of benefit to many in our community, the refurbishment of The Angel with particularly in mind improved access for the elderly and general facilities.

funds b 400

The Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton

This photograph shows Jane, who on a voluntary basis, takes care of the receipts from those businesses who kindly support this website and Mr David Wadeson President of The Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton.

The Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton has as its primary objective to serve the community both local and international. The work often means buying items and services for individuals and groups. Thus we are seen fund raising at various events such as village markets and other events.

We are delighted that funds from the Huish Episcopi Community Website are put back in the community and particularly that we have been given some of the money. It will be specifically set aside for support of village agent projects. The agents often find locals who need help in acquiring special equipment or simply need items at home to make life more comfortable or accessible.


 Langport Church Community Trust

funds aThis photograph shows, again Jane, this time with Mr Clive Sills a Trustee for The Langport Church Community Trust which manages The Angel

The Angel is one of the ongoing community initiatives for Langport and the surrounding villages. All the work done directly in the Angel is by volunteers. Many clubs and groups meet there and of course there is the community café. The building has been in operation for seven years and we have been raising funds to renovate the largest room and to provide disability access to the first floor. In the next few weeks a lift will be installed and the large old skittle alley will be open for activities.

We are grateful to the Huish Episcopi Community Website for a donation towards this large project. The Angel trustees hope it will allow more and more people to enjoy the increasing number of facilities available at the Angel.


The Huish Episcopi Primary School

'A big thank you to all of our sponsorscomputers for primary school
At the inception of this website it was agreed that we should aim to generate sufficient funds, by way of including some paid for advertising to cover the running costs with also, hopefully, any surpluses being offered to local good causes. This proposal assumed the administration of our website would continue to be offered, as it has been to date, free of charge.
We are delighted to announce that the first of these hoped for funds has been presented to Huish Episcopi Primary School in the form of a cheque for £1,000, to be spent on additional computers for use in their ICT suite.
Information Communications Technology (ICT) is a popular subject with the children. Currently the experience is not as rewarding as it could be due to the number of pupils having to share each particular computer.
We hope that you will all be pleased that advertising your business on the Huish Episcopi Community Website has provided this additional benefit to Huish Episcopi Primary School's children.'

'From Gillian, the pupils, staff and Governors at the Huish Episcopi Primary'To John and all of the Huish Episcopi website contributors.
Thank you very much indeed for your generous donation of £1,000 towards IT equipment.
On the advice of our technical support team, we have purchased four new laptops. This will make a big difference and enable all children in a class to use a laptop.
Thank you again.'            

The Forget-me-not Memory Café                                                                                                             

Forget me notWe are pleased to say that funds generated by the businesses who advertise on this website have enabled us, (the webmaster and me), to present cheques to these valuable local support groups who perform good work, week in, week out.

Our thanks to our advertisers for continuing to support the village website and by extension the good causes such as these herein.
Shirley Nicholas

We would like to thank you so much for the generous donation to the Forget-me-not Café, (Langport). This will go a long way to help us buy games and equipment to aid our clients with their memory issues. We are extremely grateful that you chose us as one of your beneficiaries of your 'not for profit' organisation.

We really appreciate that you (Webmaster) and Shirley came to visit the café on Tuesday, to see what we do and the lovely atmosphere we have at the Angel.

Thank you again, on behalf of the committee of the Forget-me-not Café (Langport), 

“Your users should know what a fabulous website Huish has.”

Yours sincerely Christine Hampton Treasurer

The Ridgway Group

ridgeway group

Thank you for your very generous donation, which has enabled us to buy a brand new Bingo game with 'slide bingo cards' which enable the clients to play the game very much easier.

Also we purchased a brand new Picture Card game and 3 sets of cd's which help stimulate memories. These items will help make our afternoons even more fun, so thank you again.

Kind regards
Christine Hampton






 Donation to the Annie Tite Fund.

This year's (2017) donation from the Huish Episcopi Community Website account has been prompted by the realisation that the funds available to the Annie Tite Fund have suffered in recent years due to the very low levels of interest rates upon which it depends.

The aim of the Trust is to provide funds for young people undertaking higher education and also young women marrying. To qualify, the applicants must write to the Trustees outlining why they are applying for the grant and confirming that they have been born in the Parish of Huish Episcopi or the Town of Langport. They are also required to provide updates to the Trustees on their progress.

The Trustees meet annually in the late autumn to assess applications and distribute the grants.
Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should contact the Annie Tite Fund Trustee/secretary Mrs Michèle Crumb, Email -  or via facebook page.

This donation would not be possible but for the businesses that choose to advertise their services on the Huish Episcopi Community Website, they do this to promote their services but also in the knowledge that their contributions will in large part support worthy causes in our area.

From left to right, Julia Gadd – Chairman Annie Tite Fund, Shirley Nicholas – Chairman Huish Episcopi Parish Council, John Taylor – Webmaster Huish Episcopi Community Website, Michèle Crumb – Trustee/ secretary of the Annie Tite Fund.
Photograph - Rob Crumb – Huish Episcopi Parish Councillorletter to JT re donation to Annie Tite August 2017

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