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Donations to Two Local Good Causes

We are pleased to say that funds generated by the businesses who advertise on this website have enabled us, (the webmaster and me), to present cheques to these valuable local support groups who perform good work, week in, week out.
Our thanks to our advertisers for continuing to support the village website and by extension the good causes such as these herein.
Shirley Nicholas

The Forget-me-not Memory Café

500 Forget me not

a) We would like to thank you so much for the generous donation to the Forget-me-not Café, (Langport). This will go a long way to help us buy games and equipment to aid our clients with their memory issues. We are extremely grateful that you chose us as one of your beneficiaries of your 'not for profit' organisation.

We really appreciate that you (Webmaster) and Shirley came to visit the café on Tuesday, to see what we do and the lovely atmosphere we have at the Angel.

Thank you again, on behalf of the committee of the Forget-me-not Café (Langport),

“Your users should know what a fabulous website Huish has.”

Yours sincerely

Christine Hampton

b) Thank you for your very generous donation, which has enabled us to buy a brand new Bingo game with 'slide bingo cards' which enable the clients to play the game very much easier.

Also we purchased a brand new Picture Card game and 3 sets of cd's which help stimulate memories. These items will help make our afternoons even more fun, so thank you again.

Kind regards
Christine Hampton

The Ridgway Group

500 ridgeway group